Four Lines of Your Hand


Yesterday, I posted about the Seven Types of Hands, if you didn’t read it, I suggest starting there.

Welcome to Part 2: The Four Main Lines of the Hand

No two hands are identical; not even your own left or right hand are the same. Some individuals have many lines and others have a few (more complex artists, philosophers and such will often have more lines in their hands then someone with an elementary hand) Most hands have three main creases in the palm, these are your line of life (circles the base of the thumb), line of heart (runs below the mounts under the fingers) and line of head (crosses the middle of the hand, under the heart line). 

Before you begin a palm reading you may want to get a magnifying glass to accurately read the lines. You will also want to view the palm in a well lit room or in sunlight to insure proper identification of the shape, color, depth, length and breaks in lines in the hand.

Should you read the right hand, the left hand or both?
This decision can vary and is tricky; often customs, origin or how or when you were taught will decide what hand you read. Some believe if you are left handed, to read the right hand and to read the left hand of those who are right handed. I was taught to read both hands and typically, this is the most popular way of today.

The Line of Life:

This is the most important line in interpreting the past and future potential of a person’s life. It can reveal disease, health, vitality, stress, luck and the life span of an individual. A short line of life does not necessarily predict a short life. A short line of life on both hands can mean death at the age level it ends on or it can a mean a low vital energy or a weak will for the time it extends to. It is also good to note that the line of life can also grow longer with age. So, if you see a short line of life, do not interpret it as a sign of death.Fine lines that cross the line of life denote mental stress, worry and anxiety. Deep and thicker cross lines indicate a physical illness or injury. Short breaks or a fork in the line of life can signify an illness. Chains in the line of life signify mental or physical disorders during a period of one’s life.
Smooth, well-formed lines that shoot off of the line of life indicate success or fortune and are always favorable.
Below is a drawing of a Palmary Clock to use to determine age of events on the line of life. When you see a break, cross line or other marking, use this as a guide to find the approximate age of when this will happen and for how long.

The Line of Heart

The Heart line is second in importance to the line of life as health is concerned, it tells us about our emotional upsets and the vitality of the heart itself. However, do not come to a conclusion of a health problem with the heart by only examining the line of heart itself.
Chains in the line indicate weakness of the heart or flirtatious behavior. Lines that break through or come off the heart line and point downward to the line of the head, indicate  illness. An island in the line of the heart denotes a weakness in the heart. A red heart line can indicate violent behavior and wild passionate obsessions (*note to self avoid people with red heart lines). A yellow heart line indicates liver problems. A faint line denotes a sensitive or weak heart. Dots signify a disappointment in love. A fork indicates divorce or an ending of a relationship. If you heart line is high and close to your fingers it indicates passionate and jealous behavior.

The Line of Head

The length of the head line measures the intellect of a person. A straight line crossing the entire palm indicates good organization skills and a practical nature. Breaks in the line indicate a change in intelligence and character. If it runs close to the heart line, it is an indication of asthma or allergies. Is your headline straight and stiff? You are selfish. Chains indicate headaches. Long and straight lines indicate a detailed person. If the head line is separate from the line of life; you are a confident individual. If it is connected to the line of life and follows it for a while, you are shy and lack confidence. Most people with a head line that is separate from other lines will be successful in life.

The Line of Fate

Reveals circumstances in life that are beyond our control, it is also known as the Line of Saturn.  The line of fate has the same information as the line of life, however it cannot be measured by the same timeline and should be read from the bottom up. The part that runs from the line of the head to the heart line measures from the ages of 30 to 40/45. Past the headline it measures to the end of life. See the image below for reference.
Broken segments that mark the high and lows of ones life. Adultery shows up on the line as an island. The deeper the line, the more you are affected by fate. If it joins the line of life, you are a self-made individual.
Not everyone has a line of fate, if you do not have a fate line it means you will not have bad luck and at the same time will not experience good luck either. It can also mean that you may not experience success at all in life.

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